Peugeot Commercial

IKTrix Impulse has been used in many commercials where it's millimeter perfect camera control makes it great for product shots.


With IKTrix Impulse a single person can pre plan an entire motion control project on their computer. Experimentation can be undertaken without having to hire a studio, rig and film crew.

Beautiful Results

IKTrix Impulse's camera centric control produces more organic motion than that produced by tradition, axis centric (forward kinematic) motion control.

Connect Your Virtual and Real Production Pipelines

The following move was created in Maya and exported to a real rig fitted with a camera mounted laser. The real and virtual worlds were aligned using a calibration move created in Maya using IKTrix Impulse. Live action motion control can similarly be imported into IKTrix Impulse.

Motion Control Inverse Kinematics

Unlike Maya's inbuilt inverse kinematics, IKTrix Impulse's algorithm is designed for motion control.

IKTrix Impulse allows a user to edit the default solution with hints, suggestions, and full kinematic overrides. This video demonstrates an overridden axis at its most extreme - disabling it altogether. The track axis has been prevented from moving, but IKTrix Impulse is able to compensate using the remaining axes.