IKTrix Impulse 3

Previsualisation and motion control for Maya.


Save Money
Test before getting on set. Check space and lighting requirements using the virtual rig. Know if a move is within reach and how fast it can be run.
Increase Creativity
Concentrate on the camera not the rig. The virtual rig will follow any camera or object you tell it to. Advanced inverse kinematics calculates the rig joint positions in real time - as you edit the scene. Use any animation method supported by Maya. Duplicate and transform (translate, rotate, scale, slow down, speed up) entire camera paths to create amazing multi-pass special effects.
Share motion control scenes throughout your production pipeline. Uses configuration files direct from the motion control software. Export and import moves to and from real rigs. Runs on laptops: Edit your scene on set, pitch ideas to clients.
Take Control
Place the virtual rig anywhere in any scene. Change the automatic solution using preferences or overrides on one or more joints. Restrict joints' range of travel or disable them entirely. Settings can even be key-framed for yet more control.

It's As Easy As 1-2-3

  1. Create and animate your previs scene.

  2. Create a rig, position it in the scene and tell it to follow any camera.

  3. Export the move to a real rig and shoot your footage.

Rental Prices

Month rental and standard support
2,000 GBP + VAT
Year rental and standard support
4,250 GBP + VAT

Standard support includes free upgrades (for the rented software, but not previously purchased lifetime licensed software) and email support (2 working day response time). Additional email and on call telephone support can be purchased, please see our support section.


Please contact iktrix at with your requirements and details.

Supported Rigs

Mark Roberts Cyclops, Milo or Wotan (long arm) Milo and Bolt. Guinness and slimline heads. Other rig support can be added, contact IKTrix with your requirements.


Maya 2018 or above on Windows. Special Linux and Mac OSX versions are possibly available at additional cost or for large quanitites - call for details.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Licenses and software must not be loaned to 3rd parties. 3rd parties in receipt of illegally loaned software can receive a legitimate license from IKTrix, cost to be born by the loaning party.
  2. Prices exclude VAT (sales tax). VAT is not applicable to non EU customers and non UK EU customers who supply a valid VAT number.
  3. Prices exclude money transfer fees.
  4. Licenses are non transferable and non refundable.
  5. Licenses are locked to a single computer using its physical network address (MAC address) for the period of the license file. They can not be moved inside this period. Customers can choose the length of the license file up to the period of the purchased license.
  6. Dongle license are no longer available.
  7. Customers are responsible for paying any taxes levied by their own country on any purchases.
  8. Standard support does not include telephone support.