Read carefully:

  • You must install and run only one version of IKTrix Impulse on a computer. Running multiple versions will not work properly.
  • Autodesk does NOT maintain plug-in binary compatability between Maya versions, e.g. IKTrix Impulse for Maya 2018 will not run in Maya 2020.
  • If you upgrade to a new version of Maya and want (the choice is yours) to use IKTrix Impulse on the newer version of Maya you must uninstall the old version of IKTrix Impulse and request a new version from IKTrix Impulse for your new version of Maya.
  • The IKTrix Impulse upgrade is free within a license rental period.
  • Providing IKTrix Impulse for brand new versions of Maya can take time - Autodesk often changes the plug-in API. New versions may require recoding and always require recompilation and retesting.


You must uninstall before upgrading.

  • Backup (copy) your license.txt file from:

    C:\Program Files\Iktrix\Impulse\3

  • Uninstall the program using Windows programs and features control panel.
  • Delete the IKTrix Impulse program folder if it has been left behind. This happens if any new files have been placed in it, e.g. the license.txt file and/or any rig config files.
  • Clean up the MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH and MAYA_SCRIPT_PATH environment variables to remove any references to IKTrix Impulse.
  • Restart the computer.


  • Install the new version using the downloaded installer file.
  • Copy your backed up license.txt file back into the new IKTrix Impulse program folder.